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1. iA writer

iA Writer for iOS delivers a clean interface with zero distractions. Not only does the app instantly enter full-screen mode, but it also fades surrounding text so you can type without the temptation to edit. The app also supports formatting and basic editing, and allows you to sync all of your docs with Dropbox. Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac; $0.99 for iPhone and iPad; $4.99 for Mac. Or try WriteRoom, a similar distraction-free app for iOS and Mac ($1.99 and $4.99, respectively). 

2. Pages

Designed by Apple, this app functions as both a writing tool and a design interface. The writer will appreciate the app’s multi-touch features as well as its dictation tool. Create sophisticated formatting within your document and access fonts and rulers with ease. Available for iOS devices; $9.99.

3. Pocket

Pocket is more appropriate for the researching process, before you get to writing. Save content from all over the web into a convenient reader, which you can access via a web browser, smartphone or tablet. “Pocket” links either by emailing them, using a browser extension or bookmarklet. Then add labels to organize research into groups. Available for iOS, Android and web; FREE

For the minimalist out there, PlainText might be just the ticket. Aside from syncing with Dropbox and organizing folders of your writing, this app features bare bones editing functionality, so you can simply get to work. Available for iPhone and iPad; FREE. 

5. Poster

More of a blogger than a novelist? New app Poster has earned positive reviews for its WordPress integration — the app supports pages, custom fields, post formats and several other WordPress-unique tools. Plus, you can upload images and maintain up to five different blogs from the app. Available for iPhone and iPad; $3.99. 

6. Byword

Another minimalistic text editor, Byword supports rich text and Markdown, which it then converts and publishes to WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. Simple tools let you format text, use shortcuts, count characters and preview posts before publication. Finally, sync everything within iCloud and Dropbox. $2.99 for iPhone and iPad; $9.99 for Mac. 

7. PaperHelper


PaperHelper comes in handy for those of us sequestered to smaller screens. The app splits your writing and your research to either side of the screen, so you can jump between the two with ease. Available for iOS; $1.99

Another great research tool, the Wikipanion app connects directly to Wikipedia servers for fast, predictive browsing. Set text size and font preferences, not to mention language settings. Plus, look up words or phrases in the provided dictionary, without leaving the page. Upgrade to Wikipanion Plus and save Wikipedia pages for future reading. Available for iPhone and iPad; FREE version, or $4.99 for Plus.

These are the most used apps that will help you improve your writing, either its just for blogging or to help you research for your next, novel to be.

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